Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

What is the Nanotechnology Technical Advisory Committee?

The mission of the Nanotechnology program Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is to advise North Seattle College in preparing a nanotechnology workforce whose skills match the needs of local industry. Our members represent a wide range of nanotechnology industries and research interests. The Nanotechnology TAC meets three times a year to discuss changes in the regional nanotechnology industry, recommend and support nanotechnology curriculum changes, and suggest companies for membership and internship opportunities.


Seattle Colleges Technical Advisory Committees

Committees are goal-oriented and achieve results. They support constructive and necessary change within a program, generate new ideas, and serve as advocates for quality technical education.

Technical Advisory Committees have five major roles:

  1. Providing information which will update, modify, expand and improve the quality of technical programs
  2. Supporting and strengthening the relationship between business, labor, the community, and education
  3. Making recommendations which will strengthen and expand the technical curriculum and providing assistance in implementing these recommendations
  4. Assisting in identifying needs, determining priorities, and in reviewing and evaluating programs
  5. Articulating long-term goals and objectives of the technical programs to students, parents, employers and the community

 Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Group Photo


Current TAC Members 

Frank Garcia

Microfabrication Engineer

RJC Enterprises

Chad Goodwin

Research Engineer


Dan Graham, PhD

Senior Research Scientist, Bioengineering

University of Washington

Mark Helsel, MSE

Senior Staff Engineer


Michael Khbeis, PhD

Associate Director, Washington Nanofabrication Facility (WNF)

University of Washington

Len McNally, MBA

MEMS Program Manager


Dan Ratner, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Bioengineering

University of Washington

Sarah McQuaide

Fabrication Engineer

Silicon Designs

Learn More about TAC

For more information about the Nanotechnology Technical Advisory Committee, please contact the SHINE Employment & Internship Specialist at

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