VCA Optima Goniometer



A goniometer is used to measure contact angles.

Small drops of a liquid, often water, are placed on the surface of a sample. The angle between the drop and the sample is then measured.

Goniometers can be used to find the surface energy of a sample, or detect the presence of a self-assembled monolayer (SAM).

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Manufacturer: AST Products

Model: VCA Optima

Instrument Type: Goniometer

Description: Used to measure the contact angle of various liquids with a sample surface for surface energy analysis. Applications include evaluation of surface cleanliness, wetting behavior, bond quality, adhesion, absorption, surface treatments and coatings.

Key Features: Static contact angle analysis, motorized syringe for advancing and receding contact angle analysis, dynamic capture for high speed image capture, pendant drop analysis, and surface energy analysis.

Materials Restrictions: Sample must be less than 8L x 8W x 8H cm.

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