Lucas Labs 4pt. Probe Stage

A 4 pt. probe stage is used to measure the sheet resistivity of thin films.

Many thin films used in nanotechnology are highly conductive. Typical voltmeters will give an inaccurate resistance measurment for these types of films.

4pt. probes have seperate terminals for voltage and current, and can give a more accurate resistance value.


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Manufacturer: Lucas Labs

Model: S-302-4 Resistivity Probe Stage

Instrument Type: Four Point Probe

Description: Used to measure sheet resistivity on samples with flat surfaces. Utilizes four points probe head with superior accuracy compared to a two point probe test.

Key Features: SP4 four point probe head, 4 inch Teflon isolation test disk.

Materials Restrictions: Sample must be flat to obtain accurate measurements and fit on 4 inch test disk.

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