Leica S430 SEM




A scanning electron microscope (SEM) is a high power microscope which utilizes a column of electrons to image a sample.

Secondary and back-scattered electrons ejected by the sample are collected by a detector to form an image.

Many SEM's are also able to determine the composition of a sample using an x-ray detector (EDS).


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Manufacturer: Leica 

Model: Stereoscan S430

Instrument Type: Scanning Electron Microscope

Description: A focused beam of electrons to produces a high resolution image of a sample in the range of a few nanometers, as well as other signals containing topographical and compositional information.

Key Features: 0.3-30 kV e-beam energy, equipped with a secondary electron detector and back scatter electron detectors. 

Material Restrictions: Clean, dry, low-outgassing substrates, must be stable under mechanical vacuum, no magnetic samples, sputter coating of insulating samples may be necessary.

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