Isotemp 281A Vacuum Oven


Vacuum ovens are used to dry samples which contain water or other solvents before they are placed in a scanning electron microscope.

If water is brought into the vacuum system of the SEM, it can harm the instrument.

Samples are often pumped down under vacuum overnight. 


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Manufacturer: Fischer Scientific

Model: Isotemp 281A

Instrument Type: Vacuum Oven

Description: Used for the heat materials, to high temperatures in a vacuum to carry out processes such as brazing, sintering and heat treatment.

Key Features: 10 inches wide, 1000-watt wraparound element, inlet outlet valves for inert gas air replacement. Integrated mechanical vacuum pump capable of pressures below 500 mTorr.

Materials Restrictions: Sample must fit in the internal dimensional limitation of 9.5W x 11D x 9.5H inches.

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