Bruker Dektak XT Profilometer





A profilometer is primarily used to measure step heights in the micron and nanometer size range.

A stylus is moved over the sample. As it trances across the surface, the movement up and down is recorded as height.


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Manufacturer: Bruker

Model: DektakXT

Instrument Type: Profilometer

Description: Surface contact profilometer equipped with a 2.0 µm radius stylus.  The stylus runs over the sample, and is deflected by height changes in the sample surface topology.  An electronic capacitive sensing mechanism detects tip height changes.

Key Features: 2.0 µm diamond-tip stylus.  Z-Resolution as low as 5 Å, x-y scan sizes up to 55 mm x 55 mm.  Linear step height scans, and 3D stiching capability.  Equipped with a NIST-certified reference standard.

Material Restrictions: Samples must be dry and locally flat to a couple of millimeters.  Sample stage is 22 cm x 22 cm.  Sample material must be mechanically robust to prevent the tip from scratching the sample surface.

Bruker DektakXT brochure.pdf

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