NSCC nanotechnology interns provide valuable hands-on assistance for industry and academic researchers, whether making progress on a core research focus, conducting analysis of a prototype or finishing auxiliary projects. Nanotechnology students complete their internships at the end of their nanotechnology coursework, ensuring that they begin internships with quality hands-on experience with nano and micro instrumentation. In addition, nanotechnology students have access to the NSCC Nanotechnology lab's suite of instruments.

sarah-maskStudent Preparation

All NSCC nanotechnology students take foundational nanotechnology coursework including materials science, chemistry, and physics at NSCC in addition to micro and nanofabrication labs at a University of Washington cleanroom.

Many students also elect to develop and pursue independent research projects in the NSCC Nanotechnology lab, where some students have gained up to a hundred hours of instrument experience. Many NSCC students bring experiences beyond what can be learned in the classroom. For example, students in the 2013 nanotechnology internship class have prior experiences that include biology, start-up experience, construction management, sustainable development, marketing and military service.

Scope of Internship

Internships are between one and two academic quarters (10-22 weeks) and a minimum of twelve hours per week. Interns complete a work log documenting their hours and activities in addition to setting learning goals for the term of the internship. Interns often work at a University of Washington cleanroom or a company lab facility. Beginning in 2013, the NSCC Nanotechnology lab is also available as a site for interns hosted by industry.

Host an Intern at North Seattle Community College's Nanotechnology Lab

Interested in utilizing NSCC Nanotechnology lab instrumentation? Host an NSCC intern at the NSCC Nano lab and gain access to high-quality characterization instrumentation including our Aspex EXplorer SEM with EDS, Bruker DektakXT Surface Profilometer and Olympus FV10i-LIV Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope. In addition, students have access to our Makerbot Replicator2 3-D printer, Epilog Zing16 Laser Cutter and additional equipment for projects. Students receive training on all NSCC nanotechnology instruments with additional, specialized training available for all lab instrumentation.

Where have past NSCC Nanotechnology students interned?

Since 2010, NSCC Nanotechnology students have interned at multiple University of Washington (UW) Bioengineering labs, RJC Enterprises, Intertox, MicroVision, UW Nanotechnology User Facility (NTUF), Washington Nanofabrication Facility (WNF), the Institute for Systems Biology and Lab/Cor Materials, in addition to other companies and organizations.


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Learn more about Nanotechnology Internships

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