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  • What is Nanotechnology?

    Nanotechnology is everywhere, but what is it?

  • SEM Evening Class

    Join us for a fun, 3-part class using our Scanning Electronic Microscope!

  • Micro Nano Tech Conference

    The 2015 MNT Conference Proceedings are published!

  • BILT Nano

    Business & Industry Leadership Team for Nanotechnicians Training

  • ASTM Standardization

    A Foundation for Nanotechnology Education!

  • Nanotechnology Video for Program Stakeholders

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An atomic force microscope (AFM) can resolve features down to 1 nm or below. 

AFM's work by moving a tip across the surface of a sample and measuring the deflections of the tip though a feedback loop.

The famous IBM Quantum Corral and the video A Boy and His Atom where created using an instrument similar to an AFM.

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